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Target’s $7 Billion Bet

Target CEO Brian Cornell is investing it all in an old concept: offering something unique, valuable and accessible.

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United Way’s Funding Bind

With a downturn in donations, TCB asks CEO Sarah Caruso how the nonprofit's business model is adapting and what roles it plays beyond grantmaking.


Creating Local Talent

We’re working on it in Minnesota, but we can still learn more from other states, and countries.

Losing the Company Leader

Through a CEO’s death or incapacitation, a family business can be thrust into a vulnerable state if it lacks a well-conceived succession plan.

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Transport Superhighway

The Duluth-Superior port goes beyond boats to gain new business: a year-round container service for regional customers.

Retail Road Trips

On a beautiful autumn day, take out-of-town clients on a memorable trip to an authentic Minnesota company store.