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Shea: The Restaurant Gurus

Shea has figured out what it takes to succeed in perhaps the toughest business out there—restaurants.


Death with Dignity

Just like businesses, nonprofits need to know when it’s time to fold.

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Economic Optimism Wanes

Minnesota business leaders plan to scale back this quarter due to politics and taxes, among other factors.

Number Crunch: Parking Blues

A recent Colliers International study found Minneapolis is among the North American cities with the highest parking rates.

No Pickles, No Water

A local audio branding agency creates a soundtrack to highlight a global crisis.

Several Tips for Surviving February

February can be a challenging time to entice out-of-town clients to take a meeting in the Twin Cities. For those hardy individuals who are willing to brave the wind chill, here are some ways to

The Many Uses of Big Data

The deluge of digital information is being mined to predict which cereal the public will buy, where crime will occur, and how to run for president.

The Twin Cities Offers Executive Matchmaking Services

If you’re finding that a busy professional life leaves little time to develop a successful personal life, these local Twin Cities executive matchmaking services can help you accomplish your strategic romantic objectives.