Bill Szlaius

CEO, Logic Information Systems Inc.
Bill Szlaius

After selling Medintell Systems, the medical software company he cofounded, Bill Szlaius and Prabhu “P.K.” Kumar, who had worked at Medintell, founded Logic Information Systems, a technology consulting firm. As the general technology space became more commoditized in 2000, Szlaius (pronounced “slice”) and Kumar exclusively focused on retail, their primary area of expertise.

From the beginning, Logic’s best customer had been Minneapolis-based Retek, which was bucking the trend of customizing one-off software by offering a packaged, off-the-shelf system that could efficiently run an entire global retail enterprise. Szlaius saw Retek’s technology as a game-changer and hitched his wagon to Retek’s star, developing a range of IT services that added value to Retek’s offering.

The challenge was that Retek was selling primarily to tier-one retailers, so a company of Logic’s size could only contribute to Retek’s implementations of highly complex retail systems, rather than serving as the primary systems integrator (SI). “Retek agreed that they needed to go down-market, but invariably they would end up dragging down another elephant,” Szlaius says.

That changed in 2005 when Retek was acquired by Oracle. “That’s when things took off,” Szlaius says. “We ramped up in staff and started taking on full implementation projects, which can include supply chain, back office, ERP (enterprise resource planning), product management and e-commerce.”

Since then, Logic has served as the primary SI for the vast majority of its customers, including Columbus, Ohio-based Express, a specialty apparel and accessories retailer. “As a fashion retailer, a merchandise management system is the heartbeat of what we do,” says Express SVP and CIO Keith Pickens. “The culture Logic has built is genuine, honest and able to deliver beyond expectations, which is a reflection of Bill Szlaius.”