Atul Gupta

President, Advanced Technologies Group LLC
Atul Gupta

A decade after founding Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) to help customers implement new technology, Atul Gupta recognized an opportunity to specialize. He saw that information technology was conspicuously antiquated nationwide in correctional facilities and began exploring that market.

Under Gupta’s direction, ATG interviewed more than 900 correctional personnel and identified systemic issues in need of more effective solutions. He then methodically developed systems to address every aspect of correctional operations, including case management, electronic health records, inmate telephone usage, gang and terrorist tracking, food services management and investigation systems.

ATG’s Offender Management Suite streamlines daily operations for corrections personnel and supports information sharing with external agencies. It allows facilities to provide more effective supervision, which reduces costs and helps increase the percentage of offenders successfully re-entering society.

Since 2002, ATG has focused exclusively on software solutions for large federal and state correctional agencies. By design, the company has just six clients: the U.S. Department of Justice and the departments of corrections for California, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina and Oklahoma.

Key to Gupta’s success is what he calls the “bear hug.” By creating reliable products and backing them up with unparalleled support, the customer comes to view ATG as a trusted partner. “This ‘mutual hug’ ensures that both partners are vested in and focused on each other’s long-term success,” Gupta says.

In 2012, ATG was acquired by Keefe Group, which serves the correctional facility market. ATG’s IT expertise was a good match with Keefe Group’s focus on logistics. Post-acquisition, Gupta has continued to operate ATG independently.

Gupta’s business acumen was apparent early on. “I’ve known Atul since he was a student at Grinnell College in Des Moines, and he is one of the best problem solvers I know,” says David Clay, former CIO of Grinnell and a member of Gupta’s advisory board prior to the Keefe Group merger. “He built ATG with no outside capital, which shows what a tremendous manager he is.”