2010 Outstanding Directors

2010 Outstanding Directors

The prosperity of a company naturally depends primarily on its top management. But all successful, ethical business leaders readily acknowledge that a board made up of thoughtful, pragmatic, and broadly experienced individuals is invaluable to the company’s long-term flourishing.

Twin Cities Business is honored to once again recognize a group of experienced, insightful board members who’ve helped make the companies they’ve served run better. They’re generous with their time and their wisdom. They provide the outside view that any company—particularly a smaller one—needs. At the same time, as experienced businesspeople themselves, these directors can empathize with the challenges that company leaders confront. They can help companies think through problems and come to solutions their leaders might not have arrived at on their own.

Each of this year’s winners embodies these capabilities to the fullest, and each brings his or her own distinctive viewpoints and experiences, further deepening the value of the service provided. The companies they’ve served have been grateful and enriched, in more ways than one.

This is the 15th year that Twin Cities Business has honored top local company directors. The magazine worked with a remarkable panel of judges. They were David Fisher, Minnesota Regional Chapter president of the National Association of Corporate Directors; Richard W. Perkins, president, Perkins Capital Management; Kate Rubin, president, Minnesota High Tech Association; Mark Sheffert, chairman and CEO, Manchester Companies, Inc.; and Dee Thibodeau, co-CEO, Charter Solutions, Inc. Also on the panel: Jay Novak, former editor and publisher, Twin Cities Business.

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