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Work setup by the water

What Work Looks Like This Summer

How to reset boundaries and get employees excited about the office—plus other insights on finding that post-pandemic groove.

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Hip hop artist Fresco Trey performing at VeeCon in May 2022.

Taking the Plunge

You don’t have to be a fan of NFTs to see the value in bringing Web3 trailblazers to Minnesota.
illustration of two cups of coffee

Managing is Personal

There have never been more tricky issues you might want to avoid discussing with your team, but going there is vital to doing great work.

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one hundred dollar bill with the word inflation over Ben Franklin's eyes

Doing Business in a Complicated Economy

Bankers and business clients are being buffeted by a potent mix of financial challenges, but they’re finding ways to adapt to inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain issues.
Trending technology illustration

Marketing in the Digital Era

As consumers and businesses have revved up their online purchases, digital marketing is more crucial than ever
The RBC Gateway Tower is home to Four Seasons Hotel & Residences.

Is It Luxury’s Time in Minneapolis?

Four Seasons’ arrival in downtown Minneapolis is the latest attempt to transplant a luxury brand to the Twin Cities. Will this time be the charm?