Social Strategist Nadine Babu’s Social Network

Social Strategist Nadine Babu’s Social Network

The founder of Babu Social Networks reveals her favorite follows on Twitter and Instagram.

A social media strategist and founder of Babu Social Networks, Nadine Babu tweets from the heart—mostly about sports and her beloved University of Minnesota Gophers. In addition to her personal account, she’s the co-owner of, a popular handle and website that delivers college sports news. Combined, she has well over 50,000 followers. Here’s who Babu follows on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter | @RexChapman “He combs all of Twitter so we don’t have to. He has a mix of sports, current events, and a lot of timeline cleansers (many containing dogs) that are good for the heart and soul.”  

Twitter | @FoodandWine “Beyond providing great food and wine recipes, along with cooking tips, they also have great advice on kitchen tools and other handy gadgets. As someone who cooks a lot, I don’t want to try out every $200 knife, I just want you to tell me if the $40 one is just as good or if it’s worth the splurge.”  

Instagram | @Carolina.McCauley (aka “Carolina Home Hacks Queen”) “Like many of us during the pandemic, we got addicted to organizing, cleaning, and ordering from Amazon. She combines all of those things. Ever hear of the Pink Stuff? It’s $7 that will change your life!”  


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