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Jon McTaggart, president and CEO of American Public Media Group

TCB Q&A: Jon McTaggart

A deep dive into MPR's multi-faceted efforts to stay relevant in a new media landscape.


Go Back to High School

Consider sharing your business expertise with high school students—beyond your home district.

It’s Elemental

The Twins early-season attendance woes were as predictable as snow in May.

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Sable project allows condo owners to use units for short-term rentals.

Everything Is Interconnected

Emerging digital technologies are making it easier for businesses to find talent, organize workloads, engage with customers and vendors, and make deliveries.

Feet First

Football academies are commonplace, but this local one is just about getting kicks.

Help Is on the Menu

A taste of incubators, stores, and organizations helping to make local restaurants and food and beverage brands a reality.