Rock On Cos.

Rock On Cos.

Rock On at a glance

Founded: 2001

Revenue: $10.5 million (2013)

Employees: 55 during the construction season

Fleet: 13 dump trucks, 37 semis and 61 trailers (up from 28 trucks in 2007

Rock On Divisions

Rock On Enterprises Inc.: The company’s primary division, which owns and manages its trucks

Rock On Trucks Inc.: A brokerage that provides trucks to customers and finds work for owner-operators

Rock On Properties LLC: Owns and manages Rock On buildings and land

Rock On Repair: Repairs equipment owned by Rock On and other companies

Rock On Rocks: Supplies aggregate for road construction

MN Tarp and Liner: Installs tarps and liners on trucks

You could attribute the success of Rock On Cos., a trucking-transport management company, to the life lessons of founder and owner Krystal Vierkant. “My mom was a single parent, and there were times I wouldn’t have had a Christmas without help from the church or Salvation Army,” she recalls. As Vierkant has built her business, she and her employees have provided help to those in need in her community.

Rock On, based in Waite Park near St. Cloud, supplies trucks used for transporting loads in road and building construction; in some cases, it also supplies rock and aggregate. The employees drive company-owned equipment, which includes end, side and belly dump trucks. In addition, Rock On finds loads for owner-operators with their own equipment. The management business is now one of six Rock On divisions that Vierkant owns.

Her business began in 2001 when she saw an opportunity to earn extra income after a job change. Vierkant purchased a repossessed semi and trailer, then found loads for the driver to transport. As other owner-operators saw that Vierkant was skilled at landing business and maximizing load capacity, they asked her to find loads for them, too. By the end of her first year, she was working with six owner-operators; a year later, that number was 28. Rock On now owns 50 trucks and 61 trailers.

“We bought out two trucking companies in 2010 and 2011,” Vierkant says. “Since then, we have doubled our fleet and still run a pretty steady 120 trucks a day [during the height of construction season], with around 250 loads.” Rock On’s revenue has climbed as high as $14 million, though it typically runs between $10 million and $11 million.

“Rock On is a great company to work with and a great partner,” says Mike McCormick, key accounts manager at the Eagan office of Massachusetts-based construction materials company Aggregate Industries. “They are loyal and give us adequate time to solve supply or service issues.” McCormick admires Vierkant’s ability to succeed in a male-dominated industry and praises her generous spirit. “Her employees are treated like family,” he says, “and she raises funds annually to help those who need assistance.”

Indeed, giving back to the community is a company mission. “I push my employees to help year-round,” Vierkant says. “It just feels good to give back. We are firm believers at Rock On that if you give you will receive.” Rock On participates in the annual Minnesota Truck Convoy that benefits Special Olympics, and its employees are active in United Way’s Day of Caring.

“I wouldn’t be so successful here today without certain people in my life,” Vierkant says. “Pretty much everyone in my company knows Rock On has values, and we try to share our success.”