Marc Kermisch

Marc Kermisch

Chief technology officer, OptumRx

OptumRx prioritizes affordable and accessible health care, a longstanding social issue made even more glaring by the pandemic. Owned by UnitedHealth Group and a division of Eden Prairie-based Optum, OptumRx specializes in delivery and clinical management of affordable prescription medications and consumer health products. Chief technology officer Marc Kermisch joined OptumRx in April 2020. Leaning on his experience as former chief information officer of Bluestem Brands and Red Wing Shoe Co., he brings entrepreneurial strategy to OptumRx’s internal and external technologies. Using data gathered from OptumRx’s 330 million customers worldwide, Kermisch and his team are working to streamline the customer experience. In 2020, Kermisch’s team participated in the relaunch of OptumRx’s mobile app, making it easier for patients to auto-refill prescriptions and have them sent straight to their doors, a critical feature in the age of Covid-19. He and his team also oversaw the launches of Optum Perks, a discount card that lowers the cost of prescriptions by up to 80 percent at pharmacies nationwide, and Optum Store, an e-commerce shop where consumers can maximize their HSA/FSA dollars. Kermisch and his team also improved the company’s digital experience for customers, making it quicker and easier for customers to onboard with OptumRx and refill prescriptions online.

Trend Kermisch is watching:

Connected devices: From digital watches to more advanced health devices, patients can bring the health systems into their homes and better communicate with their care providers 24/7, ultimately improving health outcomes.

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