Damola Ogundipe,  Shawntera Hardy,  & Yemi Adewunmi

Damola Ogundipe, Shawntera Hardy, & Yemi Adewunmi

Co-founders, Civic Eagle

Like many startups, St. Paul-based Civic Eagle is different from what its founders first envisioned. It started as a B2C concept—which for Civic Eagle meant “business-to-constituent”—and its app, Eagle, offered citizens a way to track legislation.

But the business model proved unattractive to investors, so in 2018, the founders pivoted to Enview, a B2B cloud-based platform that caters to public policy professionals, advocacy organizations, chambers of commerce, law firms, think tanks, and even some government clients. Users can track, analyze, and collaborate on legislation in all 50 states and the federal government. “Most policies don’t happen in a vacuum,” says co-founder Shawntera Hardy. “[Enview is] driving productivity, it’s driving action, and it’s driving access to the legislative process and the federal congressional process.”

Investors agree: So far, Civic Eagle has raised nearly $2.5 million in financing.

“We never pivoted from our mission,” says Hardy. “Public policy can have an impact on how you run your business.”

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