Caroline Karanja

Caroline Karanja

CEO, Guided Pulse Solutions (formerly 26 Letters) & Hack the Gap

It’s hard to know where to start in addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). No one knows that better than Caroline Karanja, which is why she launched Guided Pulse Solutions (formerly known as 26 Letters) in 2017. The company merges data and consulting to deliver its software-as-a-service e-learning platform, primarily to businesses to help them understand their biases and how they can improve. “We gather data through assessments and focus groups to understand the challenges impacting our workplaces and our communities,” says Karanja. “With that insight, we create learning opportunities through our digital, bite-size content and action-driven strategies to address the gaps identified.” In 2019, Guided Pulse Solutions acquired Hack the Gap, an organization that uses hackathons to innovate, collaborate, and bridge opportunities for women, nonbinary, and BIPOC technologists, allowing DEI work to touch more individuals and businesses. In 2021, Karanja hopes to broaden accessibility through both Guided Pulse and Hack the Gap by offering more services, partnering with more organizations, and making some content available for free.

MN techwish list:

“We need better representation at the top of all organizations. At the end of the day, people really want to see that organizations are representative of the customers they have or the people they serve, and I think the more we’re able to show that, the better we’ll be able to recruit and retain folks.”

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