Joe  Serrano

Joe Serrano

Director of digital strategy, Best Buy

With experience creating and leading new innovation and growth at Fortune 500s, a Big 4 advertising agency, and a Big 5 consulting firm, plus 15 years of experience founding five digital commerce startups, Joe Serrano is well-equipped to help steward Best Buy’s technological innovation and its mission to enrich lives through technology. With so many people working, cooking, learning, connecting, and entertaining from their homes these days, Best Buy needed to offer services that keep customers coming to its stores instead of seeking technology elsewhere. Best Buy set up services such as curbside pickup and one-on-one consultation services, while Serrano helped the company explore new multichannel fulfillment models amid rising online sales. For 2021, Serrano says that Best Buy will continue “leaning heavily into letting our customers tell us what they need and how they shop,” adding, “As someone who came from the startup world, I truly understand the importance of following real-world, real-time evidence from customers to guide us.” Serrano also plans to dive back into the startup ecosystem this year by becoming an adviser and mentor.

2020 insight:

“It’s been fascinating to move from spending most of my career launching and growing startups to working at a large company. The [lesson] is that moving ideas forward [in a large company] isn’t that much different than creating a technology startup—it all comes down to relationships and testing your assumptions, iterating and telling the right story that compels people to act.”

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