2009 Outstanding Directors

2009 Outstanding Directors

For the 14th year, Twin Cities Business is honoring a group of experienced and insightful individuals who’ve helped the businesses on whose boards they’ve served grow stronger. Each is as distinctive as the companies he has served. But all share certain traits that have made them invaluable to those companies. They are generous with their time and expertise. They stand for ethical conduct and honest dealings. They provide constructive criticism when needed, and thoughtful responses to business challenges always.

The 2009 Outstanding Directors were selected by a panel of judges that included Richard W. Perkins, president of Perkins Capital Management; David F. Fisher, Minnesota chapter president of the National Association of Corporate Directors; and Kate Rubin, president of the Minnesota High Tech Association.

While most observers credit executive management, particularly the CEO, for a company’s success, those leaders often acknowledge that their boards have provided invaluable help and insight. That’s especially the case at smaller companies and organizations, where executives building their businesses seek mentors who can provide knowledgeable guidance. The directors on the following pages have proven to be exceptional guides for successful journeys of enterprise.

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