The Future of Health Care

Predictions from local medtech founders and educators featured on TCB's By All Means podcast.

Digital therapeutics. “Devices we’ll have in our homes or wear on our bodies—personal AI systems for much better, more customized health care. The pandemic accelerated technology rapidly.” —Daniel McLaughlin, senior executive fellow, University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business

Administrative automation. “One of the positives [of the pandemic] is the way our health care system has embraced a new way of working. There’s a newfound appetite and willingness to bring in tech to solve problems.” —Dr. Jeremy Friese, co-founder, Verata Health, acquired in 2020 by Olive

The demise of telehealth. “Remotely getting care from a doctor is the same thing as renting a movie from Blockbuster. That business model is dying—you’ve got negative unit economics. What’s coming is Amazon Care, Walmart Health Centers. The tech itself is commoditized and integrated into a digitally enabled business. You will have more choice. The option to get care when you want it, how you want it, at the price you want is going to be the most radical transformation.” —Jon Pearce, founder, Zipnosis, acquired in 2021 by Bright Health Group

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