Target Remains Downtown Minneapolis’ Largest Employer

Target Remains Downtown Minneapolis’ Largest Employer

The top 15 employers make up 30 percent of the workforce.

Target remains downtown Minneapolis’ largest employer despite massive layoffs last year.

The retailer had 7,500 employees in the central business district in the latest survey by the Downtown Council. That’s down from around 10,000 last year and over 12,500 in early 2014.

But Target might not keep the top spot. With Wells Fargo’s new downtown buildings nearing completion, it’s possible that workers outside the CBD could push the bank to first place.

It’s estimated that there are 160,000 total workers downtown, but a spokesman for the Downtown Council said they didn’t have an exact number due to frequent fluctuations. The top 15 employers have about 48,000—or 30 percent—of the total downtown workforce.

This is the second year that the top fifteen employers all had over 1,000 workers.

Downtown’s largest employers are listed below:

  1. Target (7,500 employees)
  2. Wells Fargo (7,000)
  3. Hennepin County Medical Center (6,800)
  4. Hennepin County (5,346)
  5. Ameriprise Financial (4,864)
  6. U.S. Bank (3,995)
  7. Xcel Energy (2,477)
  8. City of Minneapolis (1,850)
  9. RBC Wealth Financial (1,400)
  10. Star Tribune (1,224)
  11. Capella Education (1,180)
  12. Thrivent Financial (1,151)
  13. CenturyLink (1,100)
  14. ABM (1,068)
  15. Federal Reserve Bank (1,015)

In the same report, the Downtown Council reported nearly 40,000 people now live in downtown neighborhoods. That’s up 25 percent in the past decade.

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