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The Next Generation Gap

How will millennial managers—as well as the rest of the workplace—react to the first wave of Gen Z entering the workforce this summer?

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Short Lines, Big Problems

Minnesota's small railroads are in a perilous state, putting the businesses and small towns that rely on them in jeopardy.


How the Other Half Lives

Top concerns expressed by health care executives reveal we’re all businesses under the skin.

Changing of the Guard

Ten ideas to successfully prepare for handing off leadership to the next generation.

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At the midpoint of 2017, these Minnesota businesses are at key stages, including new product launches and rapid growth.

Out Of Office: June 2017

It’s an organization you see mentioned in just about every story about a business relocating or expanding in Minnesota. It’s frequently cited for an assist, but never for scoring on its own. Yet collectively, the

Play It Forward

Bond with your clients or team at one of the region’s many workplace “play” centers.

Trump’s Legal Shadow

President Trump’s campaign focused on disrupting the status quo. Now attorneys say it’s unclear how far Trump will go to overhaul immigration, labor and environmental laws that affect Minnesota businesses.

Unique Outdoor Business Venues

Whether you’re planning a board reception, a company celebration or a team retreat this summer, here are 20 unique venues with distinctive outdoor spaces, beautiful views, event planning services and other amenities.