Clarence Bethea’s Social Network

Clarence Bethea’s Social Network

The Upsie founder on how founders can leverage Twitter and Clubhouse.

Clarence Bethea @Clarence_Bethea

Favorite social media app: “Twitter and Clubhouse are running neck and neck. If you’re a founder today, you should be on both.”

Follows on Twitter:Harold Hughes(@OneBandwagonFan), Marie Rocha (@MyDailyPosts), Shondra Washington(@shondradanielle)

Why: All are venture capital investors and advisors. “They’re honest, transparent, and running great businesses. I tend to gravitate to folks who are super authentic.”

Popular tweet

@Clarence_Bethea “Sometimes the greatest gift you can receive is someone doubting you.” (Posted after Upsie closed an $18.2 million Series A round.)

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