2017 Outstanding Directors Awards

2017 Outstanding Directors Awards

It’s not breaking news that businesses continually face major change. Big data, new technologies, new regulations, new competition: these challenges require regular re-evaluation and recalibration of strategy.

Management is typically so busy with the day-to-day operation of a business that it often relies on directors to step back and see the big picture. That’s where a strong board plays a crucial role. Directors look at long-term trends and industry headwinds, then provide counsel. They also make sure that companies are compliant as regulations place more responsibility on boards to ascertain that businesses are meeting regulatory requirements.

This year’s Outstanding Directors understand all this very well. They’ve made it a point to understand their industry and the challenges it faces. And they leverage experience in their own companies to bring penetrating and practical insights to the executives of the businesses they serve. They know they aren’t there to run the company, but rather to offer useful guidance, constructive criticism and fresh ideas.

This is the 22nd year Twin Cities Business honors corporate directors in Minnesota. This year’s honorees were selected by the magazine’s editors with assistance from George Kehl, managing partner at KMPG Minneapolis, and Michael Vekich, president of the Minnesota Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

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