Startup Snapshot: MySimplePetLab
From left to right: MySimplePetLab co-founder and chief veterinary officer Dr. Nancy Willerton, CEO and president Jen Hagness, co-founder Dr. Dennis Chmiel, and VP of finance Mark Foley. photo by Yvonne Min, courtesy of MySimplePetLab

Startup Snapshot: MySimplePetLab

Led by a former Caribou VP, this startup offers at-home testing for cats and dogs.

An uptick in pet ownership can make it more challenging to get an appointment with the vet. What if you could speed up the process by running diagnostic tests on your cat or dog at home? That’s the premise behind MySimplePetLab.

A pair of Colorado veterinarians developed a line of simple-to-use home tests that can be mailed in for results within days. The tests MySimplePetLab Productsmeasure things like ear infections, causes of itchy skin, and abnormal stool.

The founders needed a consumer products expert to take the home kits to market. Enter Jen Hagness, former vice president of marketing, product, and merchandising at Caribou Coffee, now president and CEO of MySimplePetLab.

In 2022, the brand participated in a Target Takeoff accelerator program and its kits, already sold online at Amazon and Walmart, will hit Target shelves this year, selling for around $100 each.

“The pet category is going through an evolution,” Hagness says. “Modern pet parents want control and access.”

Though diagnostic work currently takes place in Denver, the company plans to open an office in Minneapolis this summer, expand its range of tests, and add preventive pet care products.

Headquarters: Minneapolis and Denver

Founded: 2019

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Founders: Dr. Nancy Willerton and Dr. Dennis Chmiel 

Funds raised to date: $6.6 million