Star Tribune Now Only Daily Newspaper with Home Delivery in Duluth

Star Tribune Now Only Daily Newspaper with Home Delivery in Duluth

The only seven-day newspaper that you can get delivered to your home in Duluth is now the Minneapolis-based Star Tribune.

The Duluth News Tribune, which traces its history back more than a century, recently announced that it would be cutting back its print schedule to just two days a week, Wednesday and Saturday. The Duluth News Tribune has been owned by Fargo, N.D.-based Forum Communications Co., since 2006. Forum Communications owns a large number of regional newspapers – all within 300 miles of Fargo.

In a question-and-answer feature that ran in the Duluth News Tribune, staff offered this explanation to readers: “When faced with some of the economic impacts of the pandemic, we had to make a decision to either cut print frequency days while continuing to deliver the news in a similar format via the e-paper, or significantly increase subscription rates.”

The two weekly editions of the Duluth paper will now be delivered through the U.S. mail.

“Unquestionably, the economics of the media industry remain extremely challenging,” said Steve Yaeger, a Star Tribune spokesman, in a statement. “However, that doesn’t obscure the underlying reality that a significant portion of news consumers clearly want the reading experience of a daily home-delivered newspaper on their doorsteps.”

Single copies of Star Tribune will also remain available seven days a week in grocery, convenience and drug stores in Duluth and “surrounding regions.”

The Star Tribune established a five-person, Duluth-based bureau last year, a signal that it was paying more attention to the port city. It also launched the North Report e-newsletter, which is distributed Monday through Friday.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin just announced a similar move, cutting its print schedule from six days a week to just two: Tuesday and Saturday. Forum Communications also owns the Post-Bulletin, which it acquired in 2019.

Does this mean the Star Tribune now has designs on Rochester as well?

Yaeger said that the paper is “ramping up its marketing” in Rochester and sees “opportunity as the Post-Bulletin retreats.” Star Tribune does not have a Rochester bureau.

Star Tribune Media Company LLC bills itself as “Minnesota’s largest media company.” In May the company announced adding its 100,000th digital subscriber. A market study last year found that Star Tribune ranked third across all U.S. newspapers for single-copy sales of its Sunday paper.

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