Small-Business Success Stories 2009

Small-Business Success Stories 2009

It’s been said that small business is the backbone of the economy. No one needs to be told that these are times that threaten to break our backs.

But numerous businesses are hanging tough. For evidence, read the stories on the next nine pages. These companies and their founders have created successful businesses and business models that are addressing the real needs of their customers. By and large, the overarching narrative here is that of risk-taking individuals who listened to the marketplace, saw an opportunity, and made their ideas work.

Twin Cities Business has put a spotlight on smaller local enterprises since 2002. Each year, it has worked in collaboration with Associated Bank, the sponsor of Small-Business Success Stories. This year, the magazine welcomes Deluxe Corporation as a sponsor of the annual Small-Business Success Stories event, which will be held in January. The winners were chosen from a group of successful small companies nominated by readers of Twin Cities Business. All the stories were inspiring. But the editors believe that the stories presented on the next nine pages are worthy of special consideration—and celebration.

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