Retail Expert Anne Mezzenga’s Social Network

Retail Expert Anne Mezzenga’s Social Network

The host of Omni Talk share her favorites to podcasts and Twitter follows.

A background in broadcast news and marketing at Target and creative agencies set the stage for Anne Mezzenga’s latest venture, Omni Talk. On the podcast, recorded in Minneapolis’ Linden Hills neighborhood and listened to by retail fanatics everywhere, she and partner Chris Walton discuss the big industry trends ahead. That requires consuming a lot of content across platforms. 

Here are three of Mezzenga’s favorite follows: 

Podcast | Robinhood Snacks Daily “The hosts make the world of investing and business digestible and fun for everyone.” 

Twitter | @profgalloway “Love Scott Galloway’s sense of humor and how he makes complex topics like education, retail, and economics something that anyone can relate to.”  

Instagram | @noihsaf.bazaar “Founder Kate Lindello is the OG of resale, and I am so impressed by the empire she started on ‘the ’gram.’”  

Follow Mezzenga on Twitter: @anniemezzenga

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