Office Envy: Doosan Bobcat

Office Envy: Doosan Bobcat

Flexibility is key at Doosan Bobcat's new regional office.

Company: Doosan Bobcat
Headquarters: Fifth Street Towers, 150 S. Fifth St., Minneapolis
Size: 10,600 square feet
Designer: Shultz & Associates Architects

Flexibility is key at Doosan Bobcat’s new regional office in downtown Minneapolis, where not a single employee, including executives, has an assigned desk. “The executives sit out in the open, in the cubicles. They use the space exactly the same way other employees use the space,” says communications director Stacy Breuer; that’s why the construction equipment manufacturer calls the office a “global collaboration center.” The shift to open offices started back in 2012 at Doosan Bobcat’s facility in Bismarck, North Dakota. Then the change spread to regional headquarters in West Fargo, where the global company got its start back in 1947. Now the open environment comes to Minneapolis, with about 50 employees. They key to a successful open office is options, Breuer says. The Doosan Bobcat space features a café, private two-person enclaves, and conference rooms. Or employees can cozy up in lounge-like areas. “We had to teach our employees that they are fully empowered to sit where they want to sit, and if they are sitting in front of the fireplace, their manager isn’t going to think they’re not working.”

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