Five Patios That Are All About Alfresco

Five Patios That Are All About Alfresco

These spots will make you want to cut out early and make the most of summer in the Twin Cities.

The Hoi Polloi

For a breath of rarefied air, join the club—literally—at the Hewing’s exclusive rooftop rendezvous, open only to members and guests of the hotel. You’ll have behind-the-velvet-rope access to all the buzziest convos in town, plus the Nordic trifecta of pool, hot tub, and sauna, as well as 360-degree views of the North Loop and beyond.

La Dolce Vita

For an authentic Italian alfresco experience, reserve a coveted table at Louis, the rooftop ristorante at Cossetta in St. Paul. Order a round of zesty sgroppinos made with prosecco, vodka, mint, and lemon sorbet, plus plates of bruschetta, spiedini, arancini, and other specialties.

Only in Minnesota

On a sunny summer afternoon, bike down the St. Paul side of the Mississippi River to the patio at City House, a former grain elevator doing double duty as the summer home of Red River Kitchen. Indulge in locally brewed cider, Cubanos, and other specialties, with views of Harriet Island and city landmarks.

The Summer Tryst

For romantic assignations where discretion is assured, invite your paramour to meet in Cathedral Hill at La Grolla, where the enchanting giardino segreto (secret garden) is a perfect place for sipping chilled Sangiovese while dodging the prying lens of the paparazzi.

The Grande Dame

On a long, languorous July evening, there’s no better way to savor the tragically beautiful brevity of a Minnesota summer than with champagne and dessert on the lushly landscaped patio at W.A. Frost, where the spirits of F. Scott, Zelda, and Scottie, their charismatic St. Paul-born daughter, waft among the trees.

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