Dick Enrico Still Delivers the Pitch
Dick Enrico pitches products at the Shady Deals Depot YouTube

Dick Enrico Still Delivers the Pitch

2nd Wind founder now operating Shady Deal Depot

Five years ago, Dick Enrico sold his successful 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment retail chain. But Enrico isn’t one to hit the golf course and reminisce about the past. He has work to do.

2nd Wind began with a single store in St. Louis Park and at one point had more than 100 stores in several states. After selling 2nd Wind, he started 2nd Shade Patio Furniture, another retail business. But business wasn’t good enough.

“I had millions of dollars’ worth of patio furniture,” said Enrico. “It would have done better if it was in Florida.”

When he shut down that business, it was time to liquidate his inventory. But Enrico figured if he was going to get into that business, he should offer more than just patio furniture. The Shady Deal Depot was born in 2019, originally out of a warehouse in New Hope.

“I’m not doing anything that’s original; it’s just how I do it,” said Enrico. “I put a little levity in what I do. There’s a little personality behind the pitch. People get a kick out of it.”

People who never set foot inside of a Second Wind store likely still remember Enrico for his TV ads and the pitch, “Why buy new when slightly used will do?”

Enrico stars in a series of entertaining videos touting the goods at Shady Deal Depot. The videos can be found on the store’s web site, as well as YouTube and other social media channels. In one video, he’s pitching NFL-licensed Tiffany lamps with Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers logos.

Today the Shady Deal Depot occupies a single retail location in Apple Valley in a 50,000-square-foot space. Enrico says that what’s available for sale changes daily.

He’s an old-school pitchman. How old? Enrico is now 81. “I was supposed to be 83 but I was sick for two years,” quipped Enrico.

Retirement was something Enrico never considered.

“I gotta have something to do every day,” said Enrico. “I know how to promote and deliver the merch.”