Dayton Asks Minnesotans How To Improve The Government

Dayton Asks Minnesotans How To Improve The Government

Minnesotans have pitched hundreds of ideas for the governor’s so-called “unsession.”

Suggestions are pouring in after Governor Mark Dayton began soliciting ideas for how to improve the operations of the state government.

Dayton is seeking ideas for a so-called “unsession,” which his office says will aim to undo unnecessary laws, rules, and regulations. Basically, he's asking for ideas to be considered during the upcoming 2014 Legislative session.

“The Unsession is a first-of-its-kind effort to make government better, faster, simpler, and more efficient for people,” according to the website that is collecting submissions. “We want to improve service, shorten wait times, eliminate old and outdated rules, and undo anything else that makes government nearly impossible for people to understand.”

Minnesotans can submit their ideas here. The initiative attracted about 139 pitches in its first week, according to a Pioneer Press report. By late Tuesday morning, the website showed more than 200 idea submissions.

The pitches for improving efficiency include straightforward ideas such as turning off the lights in vacant state offices or rewarding state agencies for reducing costs while delivering better services. More than one suggested reducing the size of the Legislature, and among the many other pitches are calls for lowering taxes.

Others reached further outside the box, suggesting things like adding employee vegetable gardens near state buildings, legalizing marijuana, repealing the state ban on Sunday liquor sales—or even holding an annual bake sale at the state Capitol.

Minnesota Representative Kurt Zellers, one of the Republicans who’s hoping to replace Dayton as governor, reportedly sent an email to supporters last week urging them to suggest that Dayton repeal “new, growth-stifling small business taxes.”

Republican leaders had hoped an upcoming special session would include a discussion on repealing the tax hike on warehouse services, but Dayton said the special session will focus solely on disaster relief.

To view the submissions for Dayton’s “unsession,” or to contribute your own idea, click here.