3M Partners With Evernote To Turn Post-its Digital

Consumers may now take pictures of their Post-it Notes and, using a new mobile app, transform them into digital notes that can be saved and organized on a user’s mobile device.

Aspiring screenwriters and obsessive detectives who are drowning in heaps of Post-it Notes can rejoice: 3M company is bringing its colorful adhesive reminder to the digital world.
Maplewood-based 3M announced Thursday that it has partnered with a Redwood, California-based mobile app company Evernote Corporation. The two companies have created a mobile app camera feature that allows users to upload a photo of any Post-it Note onto his or her mobile device to become a “digital memory.”

“With one tap, any Post-it Note is captured into Evernote, digitally enhanced and saved as a crisp, clear Evernote image,” said 3M.
Evernote claims its company mission is to “help the world remember everything.” Their various apps are designed to help users remember daily tasks, restaurants, and even people, by organizing users’ personal notations.
According to 3M spokesman Robert Brittain, the partnership includes a revenue-sharing component that involves app downloads and note sales, but further financial details were not disclosed. Brittain also said that the two businesses will continue to partner on future products from Post-it.

To make Post-it Notes digital, Evernote developed the “Post-it Note Camera” feature, which works exclusively for their re-designed mobile app for iOS 7, available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
As color-coding has always been integral to Post-it Notes, the app is specially designed to identify and organize notes of different color into separate categories on the user’s device. So a user could denote all of their blue notes as recipe reminders and their yellow notes as daily chores. The notes are then searchable within the user’s app.
“This collaboration is a natural fit for the two brands and demonstrates how technology has finally caught up with the simplicity of the Post-it Note,” Jesse Singh, vice president and general manager of the 3M stationery and office supplies division, said in a statement. “Post-it brand and Evernote share a vision of the future and a common belief in giving consumers great experiences, both in the analog and digital space.”
The two companies will be cross-promoting to reinforce the partnership. 3M introduced special packs of Post-it products that are branded with the Evernote logo—while Evernote will highlight the Post-it brand on its app.
3M’s special new packs, or “Post-it Super Sticky Notes,” feature four different bright colors: electric blue, electric yellow, neon pink, and limeade. The new packs will also include a limited-time, free 30-day subscription to the premium version of Evernote.
Not only is 3M releasing a new batch of its standard three-inch notes, but it’s also debuting a new Post-it product called “Post-it Big Pads,” which are 11-by-11-inch limeade green notes. It also announced the release of two new Post-it Note desktop dispensers.
The Post-it Super Stick Notes and Post-it Big Pads, along with the limited-time subscription to Evernote Premium, became available nationwide Thursday.
“This is the beginning of a growing partnership that underscores the Post-it Brand commitment to developing new and innovative solutions that help people be more productive in their daily lives,” Singh said.