3M Drops Injunction Request Against Rival Andover

Andover Healthcare withdrew its compression system products from the market and stopped taking orders for them-prompting 3M to withdraw an injunction request related to a patent lawsuit that it filed in December.

3M Company and subsidiary 3M Innovative Properties Company have withdrawn their request for a preliminary injunction against a company that they sued late last year over intellectual property.

In December, Maplewood-based 3M claimed that Andover Healthcare Inc.’s two-layer compression bandage systems infringed on a 3M patent.

But 3M said Tuesday that Salisbury, Massachusetts-based Andover has withdrawn its compression system products from the market and stopped accepting orders-moves that prompted it to withdraw its injunction request.

“3M continues to vigorously defend its valuable intellectual property rights arising out of the inventive work that enables 3M to bring highly effective and innovative products . . . to health care providers around the world,” the company said in a statement.

Compression therapy is a standard way to treat venous hypertension and venous ulcers, which particularly affects the elderly and people with vascular disease or poor circulation. 3M introduced its Coban brand 2 Layer Compression System in 2006 and its Coban brand 2 Layer Lite Compression System in early 2010.

In the lawsuit that 3M filed in December, it requested that Andover stop selling its Coflex 2 bandages and pay an unspecified sum in damages, injunctive relief, and attorney fees.

The lawsuit was the second one that 3M filed against Andover within a short period of time. In April 2010, the company filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Andover, claiming that packaging for the Coflex 2 two-layer compression bandage mimicked the packaging and marketing of its own Coban two-layer compression bandage. 3M dropped that suit in June.

3M is among Minnesota’s five-largest companies based on revenue, which totaled $26.7 billion in 2010.