2023 Outstanding Directors Awards

Amid rapid change, boards act as stewards. Meet our 2023 honorees.
2023 Outstanding Directors Awards

Board directors keep abreast of unfolding trends and challenges, so they can offer their best insights about a company’s future.

Yet board directors also are being called upon to weigh in on strategies for navigating current obstacles likely to have financial consequences for several years. Those include workforce shortages, shifting consumer preferences, federal and state governments gripped by polarization, and climate change.

Minnesota businesses have been buffeted by these issues, yet board members are taking steps to build resiliency into the overarching strategies that their companies are pursuing.

Twin Cities Business recognizes five board members for their outstanding service. They are board members for a variety of organization types: publicly traded corporation, nonprofit, cooperative, and family-owned business.

Yet all of them are focused on being the best stewards possible for their organizations and the people who rely on them for health care, financial services, electricity, and housing.

The five TCB board honorees share their board leadership philosophies and lessons in the following profiles.

On Sept. 20, TCB formally honored these individuals at an event at the Metropolitan Ballroom.

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