2023 Guide to Meeting & Event Venues
Mosaic Venue hosted the Coalesce Collective fashion show in April. Photography by Viv The Creative

2023 Guide to Meeting & Event Venues

With a plethora of event venues in the Twin Cities, there's a space for everyone to celebrate authentically. Here are some familiar spaces, as well as new spots to consider.

Personalization is key to creating an engaging event today, and that means finding a venue that prioritizes flexibility and inclusivity.

One new venue in downtown Minneapolis has made inclusivity its calling card. Promising “celebration without compromise,” Mosaic Venue, located above Finnegans Brew Co. in Elliot Park, offers a modern industrial space designed to make every client feel at home. The open floor plan can be customized for everything from a business meeting to a fashion show. The venue’s large catering kitchen offers space for multiple caterers—a rarity among venues, and a growing request for multicultural events.

“Every single time we have an event, it’s just this magnetic energy that takes over the space, and everyone feels like they belong and they just want to stay as long as possible and connect and network. It’s nice to see our mission come to life event after event after event,” says Mosaic co-founder Chanti Miller.

Mosaic is currently booked two years out—easing its founders’ concerns that it might be tough to compete against big-name downtown venues like the Four Seasons Hotel. And with organizations still catching up on events that were delayed during the pandemic, space is at a premium. There’s a long list of events looking for a space that aligns with their mission.

“Everyone’s looking for a space,” says Miller. “And we’re just able to provide something a little unique that allows us to fulfill a lot more needs for our clients.”

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