2020 People of the Year

Three Minnesota leaders step forward to carve constructive paths and take on massive challenges.
2020 People of the Year

The enormity of Covid-19, racial justice, and economic challenges in 2020 will never be forgotten.

The health threat posed by the new virus and the economic carnage and upheaval spawned by it seemed overwhelming on some days. And while Minnesotans were struggling with those issues, the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody ignited a racial reckoning.

In the midst of these difficult times, three Minnesota leaders stepped forward to carve constructive paths and directly take on these huge challenges. Twin Cities Business is recognizing them as our People of the Year.

Dr. Andrew Badley, chair of Mayo Clinic’s Covid-19 research task force, marshaled Mayo’s intellectual firepower to attack the virus. Badley and his teams have been learning from patient experiences, modifying treatment therapies, and moving toward effective vaccines.

Greg Cunningham, chief diversity and inclusion officer and senior executive vice president at U.S. Bank, is advancing the cause of economic inclusion within his company and the broader community. Cunningham, who is Black, views economic equity as a major business opportunity.

Beth Ford, president and CEO of Land O’Lakes, adapted to the pandemic to serve a greater demand for consumer goods. She’s leading a national campaign to increase rural broadband access and partnering with Microsoft to improve land stewardship and farm profitability.

Read on, for a profile on each of TCB’s 2020 People of the Year. And then watch a recording of our conversation with this trio, part of our virtual TCB100 + Person of the Year event.

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