Why Tom Brady Might Want to Hit Snooze
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Why Tom Brady Might Want to Hit Snooze

Sleep Number makes a Super Bowl "prediction" based on which team's city gets more sleep.

You can bet Sleep Number CEO Shelly Ibach will be cheering for Kansas City to win the Super Bowl on Sunday—the Chiefs just signed a five-year contract that makes the Minneapolis-based smart bed maker the team’s “official sleep and wellness partner.”

Marketing through the NFL has long been part of Sleep Number’s strategy for promoting the benefits of sleep (read more in our April 2020 cover profile on Ibach). Sleep Number works broadly with the NFL and also has specific partnerships that involve player endorsements and branding agreements with the Vikings, the Cowboys, and now the Chiefs.

But that isn’t the only reason Ibach leans toward the Chiefs. True to company mission, she places the advantage on being well rested. For a bit of Super Bowl week fun, Sleep Number analyzed the SleepIQ scores—biometric data points captures from its smart mattresses—of customers in both teams’ cities. The Kansas City area averaged a sleep score of 72 compared to the Tampa Bay area’s 71. The data shows Kansas City goes to bed three minutes earlier than Tampa Bay.

And no one knows better than Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady that self care counts.

That said, this is the fourth year Sleep Number has made a Super Bowl “prediction,” and so far, last year was their only correct pick. So they’re hoping the Chiefs bring them luck once again.

As Ibach likes to say, “Sleep well, dream big.”

On a more serious note, the company’s message of sleep being vital to wellness and preventative health care is finding new relevance in the Covid era. Following an initial 48 percent drop in sales last April when its more than 600 stores nationwide had to close in the early days of the pandemic, Sleep Number has steadily rebounded. The company reported a record $531 million in third quarter net sales—a 12 percent increase over the prior year.

“The mission of Sleep Number has never been more important or more relevant than it is today,” Ibach said in June when delivering the company’s 2020 second quarter results. “The pandemic has heightened individuals’ concerns about their immunity and resilience, and there is increased understanding that sleep is vital for healthy living.”

Sleep Number’s fourth quarter and full 2020 results will be announced Feb. 17. Last year at this time—before the global crisis struck—the company reported its sixth consecutive quarter of growth and a record $1.7 billion in sales for 2019.