Timberwolves Announce Prince Record Giveaway, Gaming League Schedule
The purple City Edition jersey featuring Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns' number. (Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Timberwolves)

Timberwolves Announce Prince Record Giveaway, Gaming League Schedule

As the team’s new affiliated NBA 2K League gaming team launches its season, the T-Wolves close out theirs with a final Prince-themed “City Edition” home game.

While the Twin Cities settles into NCAA Final Four mode, the Minnesota Timberwolves are stirring their own excitement with a special surprise planned for their Friday night game. Attendees at the T-Wolves vs. Miami Heat matchup at 7 p.m. will receive an exclusive collector’s edition 7’’ vinyl track of Prince’s Rock and Roll is Alive! (and it lives in Minneapolis).

The single-song record was created in collaboration between the Timberwolves, the Prince Estate, and SONY. The record sleeve is gold, with signature purple lettering and Prince’s love symbol in white. It’s labeled with a Timberwolves logo, and features a photo of Prince on the back.

The record giveaway culminates “City Edition,” the Prince-themed campaign introduced by the Timberwolves for the 2018-19 season.

At the center of the campaign was special new jerseys with lettering designed in the shade of royal purple that Minnesotans only know as representing “Purple Rain”-era Prince, as well as a hidden paisley symbol on the shorts (a nod to Paisley Park, the Prince Estate).  

Designed by Nike, the jerseys made their on-court debut in mid-November and became available for purchase by fans around the same time.

 The City Edition campaign was created to honor Prince as the hometown hero and basketball enthusiast that he was. Throughout the season, City Edition game nights meant players would don the jerseys, and the halftime shows would be Prince-centric. Among those selected performers were Sheila E., Morris Day, and Sounds of Blackness. In fact, every break during those games featured a Prince song, led in part by Prince’s touring DJ “DJ Dudley D.”

The campaign capstone record giveaway will mark the first record giveaway at any NBA game.

In addition to the announcement of the giveaway earlier this week, the Timberwolves also announced the schedule for 2019 NBA 2K League, a gaming league where teams of NBA basketball video game players representing different pro teams compete in 16 live gaming matchups and three tournaments.

T-Wolves Gaming, kicked off its inaugural video gaming season Tuesday by beating both Grizz Gaming and Wizards District Gaming. Throughout the season, players will train at a brand-new facility, the T-Wolves Gaming Training Center, located on the skyway level of Mayo Clinic Square, which is home to the Timberwolves and Lynx practice courts and business offices.

For the full T-Wolves Gaming schedule, click here.