The 24-Hour Exercise for Every Entrepreneur

The 24-Hour Exercise for Every Entrepreneur

There’s a long-term payoff if you assess your time before starting a new venture.

Everyone has an opinion and sometimes you get it whether or not you ask for it. From personal experience, I’ve received the most unsolicited advice when I was pregnant, when I was depressed, and when I was starting my business. When conceiving my third child (that’s what I call my business) the best advice I received was to do the 24-hour exercise.

What all do you accomplish in 24 hours? List EVERYTHING. Take your pen and write it all down on paper. Do you take your dogs for a walk? Put it down. Do you go to the grocery store? Include it. Do you occasionally peruse social media? Get what I’m saying?

Write it ALL down from midnight to midnight. Some rules for this 24-hour exercise include:

  • Don’t write the life you wish you had.
  • Include the smallest details (even bathroom breaks).
  • Include markers for those incidental activities like doctor appointments, parties, carpooling, personal errands, etc.
  • Include sleep, family time, meals, and all of the goodness that goes along with it.

We all have full lives and when starting a new business we don’t always know what life will look like. Honestly quantifying what your life looks like now is a good way to modify, change, or eliminate lifestyle choices in order to make room for your new baby.

Some of the things I eliminated were Spanish lessons, projects that I knew I didn’t want to do, and social visits. Some of the things I modified were personal care appointments, time spent on getting ready in the morning, and delegation of home responsibilities to all members of my family. Some of the things I changed were my attitude toward social media, my expectations of myself, and ultimately, my job.

A small business, like a baby, makes you re-prioritize your life: What things can go? What brings you joy? What gives you energy? We’re talking about displacement. Your baby will displace things in your life so you can give it the time, the energy, and the love it deserves. Do the same for your business.

Truth be told, I feel as if I have more time on my hands after starting my business. I intend to revisit this 24-hour exercise quarterly as a way of checking-in with myself. This exercise has shifted my language around time. I don’t want to measure myself by the quantity of things I fit into the day; rather, it’s the quality of how I spend my time.

(Thank you to my therapist Nancy for giving me this SOLICITED advice. Best. Advice. Eva.)

Heather Corndorf

Heather Corndorf swears like a sailor and leaves a trail of glitter in her wake. She believes that movement is a form of healing, and that all humans—you included—can harness its transformative power. She knows that feeling healthy, beautiful, and strong is different for each individual person, and she builds curriculum that honors those unique needs. Find your mXe (pronounced moxie) at