Out of Work? DEED Highlights Hiring Needs, No Experience Needed

Out of Work? DEED Highlights Hiring Needs, No Experience Needed

State job bank reports more than 65,000 jobs.

While the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development has been flooded with unemployment claims in recent weeks in the wake of Covid-19, the state agency is trying to get the word out: There are still jobs available out there that don’t require any experience. DEED is trying to draw attention to available jobs through a Thursday blog post.

Most of the jobs pay under $15 per hour, but DEED notes that some positions, particularly in the health care field, could lead to higher-paying positions.

Retail jobs such as cashier and stock clerk are open in stores that remain open such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations, along with pharmacies and building material and supply stores. While bars and restaurants are closed, food service jobs remain open in hospitals and residential care facilities. Delivery jobs are in demand as people staying at home want more and more things delivered to their door.

Seattle-based e-commerce behemoth Amazon.com announced earlier this week that it had hired more than 80,000 new employees across the country, including more than 600 new employees in Minnesota. The jobs start at $17 an hour, but only through the end of April. Amazon added a $2 an hour bonus through the end of April in response to the virus.

According to a statement from Amazon many of the new hires have been people who lost other jobs: “The new hires in Minnesota fill a range of roles, including picking, packing, and shipping customer orders and delivering packages from delivery stations to meet the needs of the Covid-19 demand surge. Many were impacted by layoffs related to Covid-19 and come from a variety of fields and life situations, including restaurant cooks, bartenders and servers, flight attendants, teachers, business owners, personal trainers, valet drivers, rideshare drivers, retirees, [and] part-time workers whose jobs are now on hold.”

Target-owned Shipt, which offers same-day delivery service, announced plans in March to hire 2,000 new shoppers in the Twin Cities as demand for home deliveries surged in response to the pandemic.

DEED’s hourly wage ranges for jobs still in demand reflect the middle 50 percent or workers who hold such positions. That means that 25 percent earn less, but 25 percent earn more.

DEED notes that the state’s job bank currently has more than 65,000 listed jobs.

Job title Hourly Wage Range
Personal care aide $11.53 – $14.43
Home health aide $12.76 – $15.69
Light truck/delivery services driver $14.47 – $24.81
Stock clerk/order filler $11.66 – $17.34
Cashier $10.73 – $13.07
Retail sales/home shopper $11.05 – $15.51
Customer service representative $14.79 – $23.57
Food preparation/serving $10.48 – $12.82
Housekeeping cleaner $11.37 – $15.70