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Calendar Awareness

To: Hugh Andrews, President and CEO, Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, Missouri; Mike Brown, Vice President of Sales, Brown Trout Publishers, El Segundo, California; Walter Weintz, CEO, Workman Publishing, New


A frustrating incongruity of my advancing age is that, despite my waistline’s ceaseless expansion, my appetite is undergoing a definite contraction. Long gone are the days when a 24-ounce steak

A River Divides It

To: Robert Bruininks, University of Minnesota President   For those of us who have lived within sight of the University of Minnesota, or who crossed the bridge between West and
Playing Favorites (1)

Playing Favorites (1)

Local business people—who are avid golfers—share some of their favorite courses in Minnesota and elsewhere.

You’re Getting Warmer…Warmer…

Just days prior to the deadline for this month’s column, news shot through the foodie community about a new Chinese place in St. Paul that sounded too good to be

Our Taxing Dilemma

To: Senator Norm Coleman, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Congresswoman Betty McCollum, Congressman Jim Ramstad Once again, it is income tax time. This time of year brings to mind two dilemmas: our profligate

It Could Have Been Jean-Georges

Here’s a brief quiz on the Twin Cities hotel dining scene (no peeking at the answers at the bottom of the next page): Name the hotel associated with each of

Low-Cost Tech for the Legislature

Dear 2007 Minnesota Legislature:   In January, you held the 2007 legislative conference “One Minnesota. Our state. Our future.” This was an effort by legislative leadership to socialize before the

Save the Newspapers

To: J. Keith Moyer, Publisher, Minneapolis Star Tribune; Par Ridder, Publisher, St. Paul Pioneer Press This letter comes to you from a person essentially addicted to ink on paper. Many

Cab Fare

Twin Cities taxi drivers aren’t nearly as garrulous as their brethren in New York. In fact, among the Somali and Ethiopian immigrants who comprise the majority of local cabbies, many