Mpls. Businesses Now Required to Recycle

A new ordinance requires all Minneapolis businesses to offer recycling.

The City of Minneapolis claims that most of its businesses already recycle-but a new ordinance that took effect on Thursday requires every business in the city to follow the same recycling rules that are required of residential properties.

The ordinance requires all nonresidential properties-both commercial and business-that have garbage service to also offer recycling services.

“Recycling takes two expensive problems-managing garbage and generating new material-and turns them into each other's solutions,” the city said.

The new regulations require businesses to provide regular recycling collection-at least two times a month-for all materials generated on-site that are deemed recyclable, including paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles and jars. Businesses must have recycling containers and collection and storage areas; in addition, they must post written recycling information, instructions, and plans for tenants and/or employees.

Business property owners can learn more in a step-by-step guide to setting up new recycling systems or from Hennepin County's technical assistance and education resources.