King Brothers Clothiers Tackle World’s Strongest Man, Game of Thrones Star
"Thor" Björnsson in his King Brothers Clothiers suit. (Photo courtesy of King Brothers Clothiers)

King Brothers Clothiers Tackle World’s Strongest Man, Game of Thrones Star

Minneapolis bespoke suitmakers fit the World's Strongest Man and Game of Thrones star "Thor" Bjornsson.

When twin brothers Danny and Kenny King heard that “Thor” Björnsson, the World’s Strongest Man and “The Mountain” on Game of Thrones, was coming to town for a Minnesota Vikings event in 2017, they seized what became a golden opportunity.

Their Minneapolis business, King Brothers Clothiers, specializes in bespoke suits, so they offered Björnsson something they figured he’d never had: a suit that properly fit his roughly 450-pound, 6-foot-9, muscular frame.

“Thor” Björnsson Measurements
About 62 inches (all measurements circumference)
Biceps: 21 inches, unflexed
Thighs: 36 inches

Via Instagram, the brothers invited the Icelandic actor to a fitting; to their delight, Björnsson accepted. Then came the hard part. “Most guys have body irregularities to some extent, but no one we’ve worked with to date has had as unique a body as [Thor],” says Kenny King.

To measure Björnsson, they improvised. Danny King had to stand on a box just to see what he was doing on Björnsson’s shoulders, and at times, they had to double up on measuring tape. For the material, the brothers say the trick is using pure special wools with natural stretch.

The brothers then went full speed ahead, liberally touting their motto, “If we can fit The Mountain, we can fit you.” (A King Brothers custom suit runs $1,000 to $2,000.)

Thrilled with the suit, Björnsson immediately asked them to design his Game of Thrones final season red-carpet premiere tuxedo. The brothers can’t point to the specific financial impact of Björnsson’s endorsements, given the slow-build nature of the industry, but Kenny King says after the Instagram post, they received a flurry of inquiries from similar physiques around the world. Some were too far away for a fitting to be practical; but they’re in talks with some, and some they’ve suited already.

As for riding the coattails of Björnsson’s Game of Thrones buzz, the brothers didn’t have a finalized plan as of press time, but emphasized they aren’t just the bespoke tailors to the bodybuilding set. “We work with all types of people … [we’re helping] guys feel confident in how they look,” says Danny King. “Being the clothiers who work with The Mountain—that’s a bonus.”

Photo courtesy of King Brothers Clothiers