IRRRB Invests $4.3M To Bring Jobs, Upgrades To Northeastern MN

The funds will be divided across 19 different projects in the region.

The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board approved a $2.3 million public works stimulus package Monday that will bring jobs and community upgrades to 15 cities in northeastern Minnesota.
An estimated 36 permanent jobs and 238 construction jobs will be created by the IRRRB’s investment. Those stimulus projects are:
In a statement, IRRRB commissioner Mark Phillips said, “These projects generate a total public and private investment of more than $37 million in our communities.”
One project of note in Chisholm includes a number of upgrades to the city hall building, which is also home to Ironbound Studios, the state’s largest film production studio. Jerry Seppala, CEO of Ironbound, said that Chisholm is aiming to attract more tenants into city hall by renovating the building to be more accessible to those with disabilities and improve heating, cooling and electrical systems.
The IRRRB said it would also fund several other projects in the region for an additional investment of roughly $2 million. Of that total is a $300,000 grant to support the University of Minnesota—Duluth to pilot a commercial-scale processing system to separate titanium out of rock in the Iron Range.