Indeed Brewing Toasts to a New Location in Milwaukee
The new location has a 10-barrel brewing system, which will make it easier to test batches for new brews. (Photo courtesy of Indeed Brewing)

Indeed Brewing Toasts to a New Location in Milwaukee

The Minneapolis-based brewery’s has been gradually expanding into the Wisconsin market.

Indeed Brewing Co., a brewery and taproom in Northeast Minneapolis, opened its second location on Friday in Milwaukee.

The 8,000-square-foot location in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee takes a different approach to business compared to Indeed Brewing’s Minneapolis location. Milwaukee’s taproom has more seating, and it has 20 taps compared to the 16 taps in Minneapolis.

Also, Milwaukee customers will get a better view of the brewing process, says Kelly Moritz, marketing director for Indeed Brewing.

The Minneapolis location has a 30-barrel brew system and more space for brewing. Most beer brewed there gets shipped for sale offsite, which makes up most of the company’s business, says Moritz. The Milwaukee location has a 10-barrel brew system, more of which will be served in the taproom, she says.

The smaller batch sizes make it easier to experiment with test batches for new brews, Moritz says.

“We want to keep growing. We want to keep thinking differently about what we do,” she says. “And we've got now our pilot brewery, essentially, here in Milwaukee where we can take inspiration from the city and take inspiration from what other people are doing and try out some new stuff in the brew house.”

The taproom also features a historic Hamm’s Brewing back bar and works by Indeed Brewing’s can artwork designer, Chuck U.

“We hope that we add something to the neighborhood,” Moritz says. “We hope to build a really solid taproom experience in Walker’s Point that will just add to what's already going on in the neighborhood. It's a super vibrant place to be and we're just really excited to be there.”

Indeed Brewing has been gradually expanding into the Wisconsin market. It started by self-distributing into small, select markets in Wisconsin about two years ago, focusing mainly on Madison and Milwaukee, Moritz said. About six months later, it signed with a distributor and started selling statewide in Wisconsin, according to Moritz.

“Because of our approach to building our brand in Milwaukee, I think at this point we have a pretty good amount of brand recognition,” Moritz says. “But at the same time, there are tons of people who have never heard of Indeed Brewing. For us, that’s a really awesome opportunity to find and reach those people who have never heard of us.”

Indeed Brewing opened its main taproom in Minneapolis in August 2015 and a second taproom at the same location in September 2015.