How We Work Now: Salo LLC

How We Work Now: Salo LLC

CEO Lisa Brezonik on flexibility and face time.

Two years ago, Minneapolis-based talent firm Salo was beginning to plot an expansion, two states at a time, with plans to hire in each new market and open small satellite offices. One global pandemic later, Salo is doing business in 37 states, with salespeople and consultants all over the country. CEO Lisa Brezonik shares what work looks like for the company today. 

Office hours

“We’re getting close to 50/50, with people coming in on different days. Some are 100 percent remote; some are 100 percent in the office. About 15 to 30 percent of the team wants to go in on a regular basis. Everyone is trying to figure out the balance.”

Client flexibility

“Pre-pandemic, most of our clients wanted contract workers in finance, human resources, and accounting sitting next to them in the office at least 50 to 70 percent of the time. [Now] that’s totally flipped. They need talent and they’re willing to be flexible.”

Face time

“We’re trying to do something in person at least
once a month—a meeting, a celebration. Whenever people come in, it really energizes the team.” 

Hiring further afield

“We recently hired a new talent officer who lives in Chicago. We’re a national firm—we want someone who’s not in Minneapolis. That’s not the way I was thinking two years ago. But if I’m going to attract the best person, I’ve got to be flexible.”

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