DEED Touts 30 Jobs Most in Demand During Covid-19

DEED Touts 30 Jobs Most in Demand During Covid-19

Health care jobs rank high on the list.

Steve Grove is trying to help. Really. Grove, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), knows that the pandemic economy has been tough for many Minnesotans. Among the many hats he wears, Grove serves as a cheerleader for current job openings in the state.

The big picture numbers are not pretty. Since March 16, nearly 1.1 million Minnesotans have filed applications for unemployment insurance. Weekly filings have been increasing again lately as the Covid-19 crisis continues to deepen. DEED’s most recently monthly employment statistics report showed that Minnesota is still down 187,897 jobs from October 2019 to October 2020.

But Grove and DEED are calling attention to the 30 most in-demand jobs listed on DEED’s CareerForce job search platform.

“Covid-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to Minnesotans and our businesses,” Grove said in a statement. “Despite these challenges, companies in many fields are hiring.”

Among the top ten, five are jobs connected to health care:

  1. Registered Nurses: $32.66 to $45.62 per hour
  2. Nursing assistants: $14.90 to $19.29 per hour
  3. First-line supervisors of retail sales workers: $16.99 to $27.07 per hour
  4. Retail sales staff: $11.34 to $16.02 per hour
  5. Personal care aides: $12.27 to $15.21 per hour
  6. Food prep/serving workers: $10.87 to $13.43 per hour
  7. Social/human service assistants: $14.49 to $21.40 per hour
  8. Customer service representatives: $15.71 to $24.03 per hour
  9. Licensed practical/vocational nurses: $20.91 to $26.60 per hour
  10. Home health aides: $12.27 to $15.21 per hour