Concierge: Toast Like a Local

Concierge: Toast Like a Local

Five Minnesota-made sparkling wines perfect for ushering in a prosperous 2020.

Looking for a special sparkling wine to ring in the new year? Minnesota wine makers are branching out and creating sparkling wines that are perfect for ushering in a prosperous 2020. Ask for them at your local wine shop or, better yet, take a trip out to the winery. 

—Stephanie March

Chankaska Creek Winery, Kasota

One of the best bubblies coming from the North, Equinoce is made with Frontenac gris and Frontenac blanc grapes. Its long, citrus finish makes it a great closer for the end of a special night. $32,

Schram Vineyards, Waconia

Clink glasses with the effervescent semi-sparkling rosé from Brianna grapes, which balances between sweet and dry, giving you a pop of berry at the end. $25,

Carlos Creek Winery, Alexandria

Nothing brings the party quite like a Moscato, so you can expect big fun from this ruby Minnescato. It’s a light, semi-dry sparkling blush wine from 100 percent Minnesota-grown grapes, capped with a bottle cap. $19,

7 Vines Vineyard, Dellwood

Grab the 2017 Cuvée du Peltier before it’s gone. The limited-production sparkler blooms in your glass with floral notes that give way to a zippier citrus finish. $35,

Cannon River Winery, Cannon Falls

Sparkling Edelweiss is made with 100 percent locally grown Edelweiss grapes. The apple and pear notes are balanced in this dry bubbly against lilting florals to make it a charmer in the glass. $20,

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