Carmichael Lynch Picks An Atypical Direction For Tempur-Pedic

The agency looks to convey that sleep is not the end goal.
Carmichael Lynch Picks An Atypical Direction For Tempur-Pedic

The Strategy

Quick—close your eyes. You know, like you do when you’re trying to go to sleep. Now imagine what you see in most mattress commercials. You’ll likely see satin sheets, plush pillows, and happy nappers enveloped in comfort. That’s not the strategy Minneapolis-based Carmichael Lynch took for Tempur-Pedic.

“If you look at what’s historically been out there, there is a lot of cocoon-like imagery about sleeping,” says Marty Senn, an executive creative director at Carmichael Lynch. “What we want to do with Tempur-Pedic is say that sleep is not the end goal. The end goal is what you do the next day—how you spend your waking hours. If we can provide more enriching, happier, better awake-time, that is what we want to stand for. It feels a little limited [to be] about what you can do when you are asleep.”

The Creative

One of Carmichael’s spots, “Bear,” could not be described as limited. Inverting the common association of bears and hibernation, the spot instead shows the effect of not enough zzzz’s.

Twin girls describe “living with a bear,” which in the spot just happens to be a real bear. For the most part, the bear isn’t scary, but sleepy, and just plain “embarrassing.” But, the twins continue, “then one day, it was just gone.” Emerging well-rested from bed is a loving parent. Only in a bit of a twist, it’s not a grumpy dad who was the bear, but a mom.

“You are how you sleep,” the spot concludes, strategically focusing on the benefits of better sleep.

The Buy

A 30-second version of “Bear” is running on national TV, along with other spots, while 60-second versions run online. Magazines are also part of the media mix, and as always in the modern media era, there are web extensions. Initial reported estimates when Carmichael Lynch won the Tempur-Pedic business in December is the account consists of more than $100 million in measured media. That’s a significant win for any shop, and reflects the Interpublic Group–owned agency’s growth. Last year the 200-person agency added 28 new jobs, which, along with Tempur-Pedic, may help agency leaders sleep well at night.