Breaking Bread Cafe to Close August 25
Breaking Bread Cafe’s store at 1210 West Broadway. Photo courtesy of Appetite For Change

Breaking Bread Cafe to Close August 25

After eight years, the nonprofit-run cafe will close its brick-and-mortar store at 1210 West Broadway as it searches for a permanent home.

North Minneapolis nonprofit Appetite For Change on Monday announced that it will close its social enterprise business Breaking Bread Cafe as it searches for a “forever home.”

The café’s last day of operation will be Aug. 25.

In the meantime, the restaurant will continue to serve the neighborhood through catering services and a food truck.

In a statement, Appetite For Change co-founder and senior external relations Michelle Horovitz said the organization is “sensitive that the sudden departure of several businesses such as Aldi and Walgreens has left Northside residents with even fewer options for food and essential items.” She added that the nonprofit aims to “reassure [the] community we are not abandoning them, but are doubling down more permanently and creating sustainable community-based solutions for the long-term.”

LaTasha Powell, co-founder and president of Appetite For Change
LaTasha Powell, co-founder and president of Appetite For Change

The café has to leave because its lease is up, Appetite For Change co-founder and president Tasha Powell told TCB. She added that Kenya McKnight-Ahad, the owner of the building at 1210 West Broadway, has generously given Breaking Bread 60 extra days beyond its lease. McKnight-Ahad is planning to transform the space into the ZaRah Wellness Center.

Although Breaking Bread did provide an additional revenue stream for AFC, Powell said the café’s closure will have a minimal effect on the nonprofit.

Now, AFC is looking for a “forever home” in North Minneapolis to house its own programming, an administrator’s office, and Breaking Bread Cafe. At the present, AFC and Breaking Bread Cafe operate at two different locations. Powell doesn’t have a solid timeline for when the nonprofit will move to a permanent location quite yet, but she noted that the organization had received a $1.5 million from the Minnesota Legislature to find one.

A year ago, Appetite For Change picked up another $1.5 million from an anonymous donor.

Beginning in September, Breaking Bread will open a food truck that will offer a scaled-back menu of the café’s favorites, Powell said. The food truck will be available at community events and the West Broadway Farmers Market. It also will deliver meals to community members. Powell said the nonprofit will pause food truck operations during Minneapolis’ freezing months, likely from January to March.

The food truck was donated by the nonprofit We Nurish. Although Powell said the equipment is good to go, AFC still needs to brand the truck’s exterior with the Breaking Bread Cafe logo.

“Breaking Bread Cafe has been a critical part of AFC’s role in the neighborhood, but our work has never been about just a physical brick-and-mortar cafe,” Powell said. Her grander mission is a future where “access to wholesome food is no longer controlled by zip codes and financial means.”

“As a native Northsider, this has deep meaning for me,” Powell added.

Breaking Bread Café will be hosting special celebrations Aug. 21-25.

Last year, AFC received a Community Impact Award from TCB.