2009 TechNO Expo

2009 TechNO Expo

This year’s TechNO Expo looks at how companies can save money or maximize the value of technology assets. In the face of tremendous economic pressures, business leaders may feel paralyzed—What issue should be addressed first? How to begin the necessary task of cutting costs? Our experts have come through with some great advice.

For instance, you’ll learn that the first step in reducing your telecommunications expenditures is to do a thorough inventory. At many companies, wireless devices, cell phones, and other assets that are no longer being used may still be generating billed charges. Information technology experts recommend prioritizing IT expenditures first, to see what is adding the most value to your company—and what can be trimmed. Web developers start by learning exactly what clients are hoping to do with their sites, and treating clients as partners to come up with creative solutions that stay within budget.

Our keynote presenter, Beth Nordin of CHS, Inc., discusses how her IT resources are efficiently and effectively deployed to support the unique structure of her large and geographically diverse company.

TCB’s TechNO Expo—which only exists in the following pages—offers some ideas and inspiration to let you make wise use of your technology dollars.

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