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How do you use technology to improve business communication?
Enterprise Expression

Sign Control
The Lowertown Group’s LTG Sign application allows you to control digital signage, from one sign to 1,000, using a Web-based portal. You can change the information on the connected LCD/LED signs anytime, from anywhere. Users can manage all their signs from one portal, add RSS news and weather templates to signs, modify the timing or order of ads displayed in a loop, and schedule content.
Digital signage eliminates printing, design, fulfillment, and installation costs for changing messages. You can deliver high-impact messages using flash, video, graphics, and animation.
Printing Workhorse
Loffler Companies now sells Riso’s HC5500 ComColor printer, which provides full-color digital printing at speeds up to 120 pages per minute, for as little as three cents per page. The HC5500 is designed for printing transactional or transpromotional documents such as envelopes, postcards, and invoices. The low-cost, small-footprint unit can handle up to 500,000 pages per month.
Riso’s HC5500 prints on a variety of paper stocks and sizes—including envelopes and card stock, in sizes up to 11 by 17 inches. It provides complete finishing and duplexing optimization. The printer has a lower environmental impact because it doesn’t use heat in its printing process and uses 80 percent less energy than a toner-based printing product. This helps customers conserve energy and reduce waste.
Shared Space
Tierney Brothers’ offers Smartboard interactive whiteboards to help your business become more fiscally efficient. Smartboards allow you to share documents, drawings, and images with multiple parties at various locations. Draw an arrow over a chart with digital ink in Minneapolis, and it shows up simultaneously on screens in London and Delhi. Set up a data conference in St. Paul with your teams in Eagan and Eden Prairie, and moments later you’re sharing desktops.
For example, let’s say you’re in the middle of construction on a new building, and you’re faced with a critical engineering problem that requires immediate input from three different teams. But they are widely dispersed at remote locations. With Smartboard, the teams can view and modify plans and blueprints in an online conference, making changes that all parties can see. Files created during sessions can be saved and printed, e-mailed, or posted to a Web site.
Directory with Directions
AlivePromo’s 32- to 46-inch digital signs are attractive and interactive. For instance, the digital building directory is more than just a list of companies. It can provide weather, traffic, news tickers, television, and almost any other form of media. Tenants can make their own updates via the Web-based content management system.
On touch-screen models, when the user touches a tenant name, a map pops up and displays a line from point A to point B, showing them where to go.
The new Two MarketPointe building from Ryan Companies is Gold LEED certified, and its directory includes an interactive section that describes the construction process and the building features. Other companies offer leasing and management information and virtual floor plans for potential tenants.