Zoë Levin’s Social Network

Zoë Levin’s Social Network

The "toilet paper queen's" favorite follows on social media.

Zoë Levin, (@zzooee)(@BimBamBooPaper) the Twin Cities’ “toilet paper queen” is the founder of Bim Bam Boo, a bamboo toilet paper brand sold nationwide through Whole Foods, Cub Foods, and bimbamboopaper.com. Still in startup mode, Bim Bam Boo recently launched its seed round of financing to scale and grow the technology for tree-free paper. You’ll find the brand, and Levin, on social media, but the founder says she’s less concerned with follower count and more interested in ROI. “That means I regularly curate my feeds by unfollowing accounts that no longer serve my goals,” Levin says. “Right now I’m leaning the most on Twitter and making the most meaningful connections on LinkedIn.” Here’s who she’s following: 

        Twitter | @lizgiorgi 

“Liz’s tweets are a probiotic shot of feminism in my feed. As the founder of a tech company (Soona) on its way to unicorn status, there’s no doubt she is a visionary, yet wildly relatable. I love how she uses her platform to lift others up, while serving a healthy dose of accountability.” 

        TikTok | @CameronRosin 

“I recently discovered Cameron’s account and am hooked on his calming voice and helpful neuro-hacks. I have ADHD—which has ultimately become one of my greatest superpowers as a leader and innovator, but I am always looking for ways to integrate more focus and intention into my life (and feed)!”

        Instagram | @RodeoCPG

 “For general business advice and camaraderie, I’ve been digging this feed.” Rodeo is an outsourcer who will tackle any aspect of the retail process from product development to sales. Its Instagram feed is packed with industry stats, insights, and advice for startup brands.

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