Verified: Knowledge Is Power

Verified: Knowledge Is Power

This month's tools for living that that business leaders rave about.

Podcast | The TwentyMinute VC 

“I recommend it to investors, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in learning more about the tech and VC landscape. Host Harry Stebbings does an incredible job sourcing top-notch guests and does thoughtful research and prep for what is always an entertaining, open, and productive conversation.” —Mary Grove, managing partner, Bread & Butter Ventures

I Spy podcast logoPodcast | I Spy

Real spies share stories about actual events that took place during their careers. It’s fun to escape with real-life 007s.” —Rick Monro, vice president, Outsource Consultants

Box of RUCDR at home Covid-19 test kitHealth Care | Vault Health At-Home Covid-19 Test Kit

“Through the state of Minnesota, I signed up for Vault to send me an at-home saliva kit. They overnight the test to you, you collect your sample while on a Zoom call with their team, and you overnight it back to them. Results come in about 24 hours after the sample is received. It’s free to Minnesota residents.”  —Lou Ann Olson, head of PR and digital, Tunheim

i-PhoneSoftware | Superhuman

“Embarrassingly luxurious software that makes email feel amazing. I never have to touch the mouse. It’s so simple.”  —Yu Sunny Han, founder/CEO, Fulcrum Pro

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